Want a perfect snapshot into the UX improvements we can make to your Salesforce org?

Our Accelerators are ready-made tools for your Salesforce Community that have been expertly pre-created by our team of talented developers with common user challenges in mind.  

The first Accelerator we’ve developed is the Onboarding Tool - a business-agnostic sign-up form which can be deployed and configured to your existing Community in under two weeks.  

This tool can be implemented to onboard people to your Salesforce Community. It includes a fully-branded form that matches the rest of your Community and provides your admins with everything they need to instantly approve submissions with a single click of a button. This saves your team so much time by allowing your users to self-serve their own application.  

No matter what your Community is for, this Onboarding Tool can help you save time, money, and give your users the easy, self-serve experience they love.  

  • Speed up the user experience
  • Get more folks signing up to your site by themselves 
  • Capture more information about your users
  • Improve your data
  • Free up admins 
  • No development needed  
  • Fully branded  
  • Ready to roll in just one week as opposed to the 6+ weeks it'd take to build from scratch
  • Just needs a few tweaks to make it yours!

Normally, it could take over a month to get this freshly designed and developed for you, but our Tool has been lovingly perfected based on common issues our customers have faced in the past. Still, we know not all businesses are the same, so it’s customisable enough to be configured in a way that’s unique to your business, but not developed from scratch.

Want a demo? We'd love to show this off! Contact us today to see what the Onboarding Tool can do for your business.